Saturday, October 17, 2009

Here's My Story

I had went to the doctor on Thursday Oct 8th @, after hearing conflicting views on whether I was gonna be induced or not, to get a second opinion from one of the other doctors. I was lucky to get an appointment so fast and didn't have to wait til the following week. So the did the NST again and for the second time Mr. baby didn't really cooperate. The doctor had checked me and I had dilated to 2 cm and was 70% effaced. A big difference a couple of days make. So my doctor told me that she was gonna go ahead and induce me since I was past 41 weeks. I wanted to jump up and hug her (but didn't). I was excited and nervous at the same time.
So I made my way over to the hospital. around 12 pm. Good thing the hospital and the doctor's office are connected, so I didn't have to walk far. I just smoothly made my way to L&D, they told me what room I was in, came in the room, met my nurse (who was oh so sweet), changed, took my vitals, answered a million and one question, had my IV put in (which was nearly painless), and was started on pitocin to start my contractions.
For awhile I was absolutely fine. I wasn't in any pain, which surprised my nurse because on the monitor my contractions where jumping off the chart. It was that way for a few hours. Around 7pm that's when they started to pick up just a little bit. The pain wasn't bad just a bit uncomfortable. Nothing I couldn't breathe thru. My nurse was the sweetest woman ever always asking me if I needed anything and making sure I was comfortable. I really couldn't eat anything. I was put on a clear liquid diet in where I can only drink water, juice and eat light things like crackers, Popsicles, broth. I think I fell in love with the Popsicles because that's what I kept asking for and they helped with the hunger pangs. I was just enjoying my time, peaceful, quiet relaxed, just watching TV. Everything was smooth sailing.
That didn't last long. Somewhere around 11pm was when the contractions where starting to become horrible. I never felt pain like that in my life. I tried moving around to see if it helped, it did a little bit. The nurse had given me something for the pain and I don't remember what it was but it made me feel really drowsy and light-headed but fortunately I was able to get some sleep. When I woke up about an hour or two later, I had reached my breaking point, my contractions were so painful. I was in tears because the pain was so unbearable. Its like I didn't even get a break to breathe between contractions because they where about a minute apart. The doctor didn't wanna give me an epidural then because it would slow down my labor and was making slow progress as it was. That's when it was really hard for me and not having someone there. Yes I was by myself throughout my labor, which wasn't bad in the beginning but I felt like I really needed someone there then just to hold my hand or just to lean on. It probably would have made me feel a lot better.
Around 4:30-5am, my hero (anesthesiologist) came to my rescue. I'm not gonna lie, the epidural did hurt a bit. I guess when you're not used to any needle going into your back yea its gonna hurt. Plus having to sit thru a painful contractions while they are doing doesn't make it any better but boy did I feel so much better afterwards. My legs felt like bricks, but thats better than the pain I was feeling. After that I had a really good sleep.
Around 7 am, my doctor (one who I haven't met before since she was on maternity leave when I first came to the office and wish I would have met her sooner) checked me. I was about 5 cm dilated. She broke my water to see if it would help dilate me faster. She came back about 2 hours later to see how I was doing, and I only dilated less than a centimeter and told me that the baby wasn't handling the contractions very well, that his heart dropped a little every time I had a contraction. Also that his head was more on one side instead of centered which was causind me to thin out more on one side than the other. So she said the best way to dleiver the baby was by c-section. I was a bit excited because I knew i didn't have long til I saw my baby's face but then I was nervous at the time and started crying because I really didn't wanna have a c-section but it was gonna happen whether I wanted it to or not. He wasn't coming out the natural way.
They started to prep me around 11:30am-12pm. They had to up the strength of my epidural where I wouldn't feel anything from my neck down. I had the funniest anesthesiologist ever. He was hilarious but it was comforting at that time since I was a bit scared. It helped calm my nerves. i was rolled into the OR at 12:30pm, and I felt that I was gonna have a panic attack. One it was REALLY cold in the room and I was shivering. And before I knew it they started my c-section. It wasn't that bad. I didnt feel anything except a lot of pressure when they where pulling him out. That was a bit uncomfortable. But all that pain went away when I heard him crying and I saw his face. The doctor said that he was looking straight up at the ceiling when he came out. So it was good that I had a c-section because it would of been really dificult to push him out if he was faced up like that. I started crying. It was such a relief to finally know it was all over. The nurse brought my baby over so I can see him up close and give him a kiss. He was so handsome and look just like his mom.
I finally got to hold him once I was back in my room and it was the most amazing feeling ever. Looking down at this little guy and not believing that he is actually mine. I was the happiest woman in the world. I don't think it really has sunken in yet still. That I'm actually a mom. Even though it can be rough at time, I wouldn't give it up for anything in the world. I thank Allah each and everday for my little boy. He is truly a remarkable gift and blessing from Allah SWT.

Monday, October 12, 2009

He is Finally Here

After all the waiting, the little one has finally arrived, even though he had to be forced out. I was induced Thursday afternoon around 1 pm. and didnt deliver until the Friday afternoon. I was basically in labor for 24 hours and ended up having a c-section, which actually wasn't as bad as I thought. Reason why: baby wasn't handling the contractions very well. Everytime I had one his heart rate would drop a little. Then when he was born the doctor found he was face up, which makes it harder for them to come out. Plus he had a big head lol, just like his mom.
Anyway here are his stats:

Zayd Ahmad
Born Friday Oct 9, 2009
Weight: 8 lbs (big baby)
Length: 21 inches
Looks just like his mommy

I couldn't be an happier.

More details to come.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

I'm Still Pregnant

Lets see...I'm 6 days past my due date and no baby yet. It's getting a little tiring but I know majority of babies come later than expected. They don't call it an estimated due date (EDD) for nothing. Waiting is just the worse part. But insha'Allah he'll come when he is ready, even though it seems like he doesn't. I guess my little boy is too attached to his mother.

I had a doctor's appointment yesterday since I missed my appointment last Thursday. I had to do a nonstress test (NST) since Im past my due date. They hook you up to a fetal monitor to check the baby's heartbeat and movement. His heartbeat was good but he decided he didn't wanna move. I was there for an hour and I think he moved once, which really wasn't good. Then the doctor had checked me and still no change, still I cm dialated then he said that my cervix is pitiful. What a way to make a pregnant woman feel better. Then I got kinda nnoyed because he started to say things like my actual due date was Oct. 2 and that it would be cynical to induce me. Now the last doctor who saw me said that they didn't want me to go past 41 weeks and wanted to induce me by today. So its like Im hearing to different stories and its confusing the hell outta me. Everyone is saying something different. Thats the part I hate about seeing doctors in a group practice. You never see the same doctor and everyone seems to think a different way.

Well anyway, after the NST, the doctor sent me over to the hospital since the test was inconclusive, so they can continue the test, which he said can sometimes take a few hours and to do a biophysical profile, which basically is a sonogram to make sure the baby is okay. Once I got to the hospital, the little one started to move around and was more active than before. Im guessing that he didnt like the doctor, just like I didn't. Smart boy. So we both have a clean bill of health alhamdulillah. At least its reassuring to know that he is still thriving. I was kinda hoping that they would of kept me and induced my labor but for know its best if mr. baby stays put. He'll come when he is ready (insha'Allah Im hoping its this week), even though it is a bit stressful because Im still in the same situation as I wrote about a few post ago. It's just the Qadr of Allah SWT.