Wednesday, August 18, 2010

What’s going on

Alhamdulillah, Ramadan is going pretty well. It was just what I needed for a long time. I've been up and down, round and round with everything. I felt like I needed to be centered and this month has managed to do that. The last time I was around I had just had my son. My life has been turned upside ever since. Motherhood surely changes your life. I guess the secret to it is to accept the change as it comes and don't try to be perfect. Routine is nice but doesn't always work. I just roll with the punches as they come.

As for everything else, I am just trying to do my best to find balance, trying to put the pieces to my life. I've been on my own before my son was born. My son's father, even before I knew I was pregnant, decided he didn't want to be around. So it's just been Zayd and I, which I really don't mind. I think we are better off that way. I guess I never talked about it before while I was pregnant, some people knew, just to avoid the negativity which seems to fly around the blog world. But I'm no longer concerned of the negative comments. Even in my absence on my blog, I have gotten a lot of e-mails from sisters who needed advice on certain situations they were going through that I had been through and relayed through my blog. That is the number one reason I started blogging and stated in my first post that I wanted to be able to connect with others. Most of the time we feel we are the only ones going through something when matter fact there are so many others who are going through the same exact thing. That is what matters to me, being able to share my stories and experiences and being relatable to others. Yes everyone has their opinion and you aren't always going to agree but the key is to respect what the other one has to say. There were so many times where I felt like I desperately needed to blog but due to lack of internet access, I couldn't. Now there are a million and one things I want to talk about but it's not summing out like it should. I guess it'll all come out slowly but surely. I need to just take my time. I discuss a lot more things later on.

As for my son, he is 10 months old now and just a little ball of energy. He is crawling everywhere and getting into anything he can. He should start walking soon. He already stands up on his own and takes a step then drop to the ground. It's amazing to watch him grow up, even though he is growing up a little too fast for me. It's like you blink and then a year has passed by. He was already trying to look at everything and hold his head up when he was born. That should have told me what to expect. He is the one of the best things in my life and even though it hasn't been easy, I wouldn't trade it for anything else in the world. Yes I know that sounds so cliché, it is absolutely true. There are times where I want to pull my hair out my head and scream, but just seeing him hay and smiling makes it all worth it.

Insha'Allah, there will be more to come and I'll try to post as often as I can.




Monday, August 16, 2010

Ramadan Mubarak,..from a stranger

AsSalaamu Alaikum everyone. I know its been so long since Ive blogged and I have really really missed it. So much has happened in the past months and I guess I just wasnt up to blogging, especially with having a little one. They definitely do change your life. I had to really adjust to that and being in a new place. Also I didnt really have reliable internet access so thats another reason. But alhamdulillah Im back now and inshaAllah I wont be going anywhere soon. So many new things to discuss, so many new adventures to talk back. I'll get to them in time. Just wanted to let everyone know I am still here.