Tuesday, October 6, 2009

I'm Still Pregnant

Lets see...I'm 6 days past my due date and no baby yet. It's getting a little tiring but I know majority of babies come later than expected. They don't call it an estimated due date (EDD) for nothing. Waiting is just the worse part. But insha'Allah he'll come when he is ready, even though it seems like he doesn't. I guess my little boy is too attached to his mother.

I had a doctor's appointment yesterday since I missed my appointment last Thursday. I had to do a nonstress test (NST) since Im past my due date. They hook you up to a fetal monitor to check the baby's heartbeat and movement. His heartbeat was good but he decided he didn't wanna move. I was there for an hour and I think he moved once, which really wasn't good. Then the doctor had checked me and still no change, still I cm dialated then he said that my cervix is pitiful. What a way to make a pregnant woman feel better. Then I got kinda nnoyed because he started to say things like my actual due date was Oct. 2 and that it would be cynical to induce me. Now the last doctor who saw me said that they didn't want me to go past 41 weeks and wanted to induce me by today. So its like Im hearing to different stories and its confusing the hell outta me. Everyone is saying something different. Thats the part I hate about seeing doctors in a group practice. You never see the same doctor and everyone seems to think a different way.

Well anyway, after the NST, the doctor sent me over to the hospital since the test was inconclusive, so they can continue the test, which he said can sometimes take a few hours and to do a biophysical profile, which basically is a sonogram to make sure the baby is okay. Once I got to the hospital, the little one started to move around and was more active than before. Im guessing that he didnt like the doctor, just like I didn't. Smart boy. So we both have a clean bill of health alhamdulillah. At least its reassuring to know that he is still thriving. I was kinda hoping that they would of kept me and induced my labor but for know its best if mr. baby stays put. He'll come when he is ready (insha'Allah Im hoping its this week), even though it is a bit stressful because Im still in the same situation as I wrote about a few post ago. It's just the Qadr of Allah SWT.


heart/and/soul said...

May Allah (swt) make the delivery go as smoothly as possible. Ameen.

Waaahhh I'm so excited for you. I want a baby now... but have to find a husband first. lol

M.J. said...

oh my goodness!! i had a dream you had your baby a few nights ago :( inshAllah it'll happen soon and go smoothly for you as the previous commentor hoped. it's so frustrating thinking you'll be induced and then nothing happening!! i hope the other doctor who had talked about it previously with you sees you soon and gets things cleared up/going.

Mina said...

Inshallah it will happen when Allah sees fit:)

I hope the birth goes smoothly and Allah eases all your pain and may he give you a happy and healthy baby boy, ameen.

Umm Hamzah said...

That's amazing, I'm also having a little boy and 6 days overdue AND my name is Yasmin lol subhanAllah! x