Friday, September 25, 2009

Just An Update

Alhamdulillah, Ive been doing well. Baby still hasn't come yet. It seems like he is gonna turn into an October baby. My due date is 5 days away and Im trying patiently to wait. I really wanna get this over with. I know people say its easier to take of a baby while its still in the womb than outside but I rather be able to see and hold my baby.

Its not like Im getting any sleep as it is. I get like 4 hours of sleep a day if Im lucky. Every way I try to lay is really uncomfortable and then I get really hot even with the air on. Also waking up 10 times in the middle of the night to use the bathroom isn't fun either. I still try to do things like cook and clean to keep myself busy but I can only do so much but I hate seeing dishes in the sink too. Like the other morning I woke up for fajr couldn't go back to sleep, so I got up made breakfast, watched a little tv and thought I could fall back asleep.


I ended up washing dishes, cleaning out drawers reorganizing my dresser, refolded baby clothes for the umpteenth time, cleaned mirrors, tried to sweep. I looked like a crazy woman at 8 in the morning. But hey what can you do?

My 39th week check-up was yesterday and it was a bit disappointing. Last week when they checked me I was 1cm dialated and 40% effaced (thinned out). This nothing has changed. I was hoping to be further along. I wanted to cry when I got home. My doctor said it seems like my little guy is being stubborn and he likes it a bit too much inside. He is already growing so big. They estimate that he is over 7 pounds now and who knows if he's not born anytime soon he might be 8.

So, the doctor said if I dont into labor by my due date: September 30, that they are going to induce me that Monday October 5th. I kinda don't wanna be induced, I've heard it to be a bit more painful since they stimulate contractions and they tend to come a bit faster (my answer to that: Epidural please!!) but because of a certain situation the earlier I have the baby the more time I'll have to recover before I travel. We'll see what happens. Keep me in your duas.


M.J. said...

inshAllah things will go smoothly for you without having to be induced! since you're moving around a lot im sure that's helping, even if it's annoying for you so early in the morning :/ im so excited for you... oct. 5th at the latest, wow!! yayyyy i cant wait. update more!! i love hearing about how you and your baby are doing. have you decided on a name yet?

Saima said...

Assalaamu 'alaikum sis

I wouldn't recommend getting induced..your due date is the 30th and they are thinking of inducing you in your 41st week? I've been told it is quite normal to even go up to 42 weeks safely.

Try not to be bullied into making a decision. A natural labour is always best and Allah swt will initiate the process without the need for drugs which can make things more painful and traumatic.

My duas are with you inshaAllah...take care and update when you can!

Wassalaamu 'alaikum

Yasmin said...

Insha'Allah, Im hoping everything will go smoothly. I really don't know how much longer I can take it but Im hanging in there. I can't wait either to finally see his little face. Yep I have chosen a name. His name is going to be Zayd. It took awhile to choose a name especially with my mom trying to suggest soo many names but alhamdulillah she likes the name to.

Wa alaikum assalaam sis. I really dont wanna be induced either but for certain reasons it might be best if labor doesn't come naturally for me to go ahead and do it. One reason is because he is getting so big, the doctor doesn't want it to be difficult for me to push him out or end up having a c-section. Also the main reason is that I have to leave October to NY since I have no one here to help me and H has to leave outta the country for 2 months. I cant be here by myself. So any extra time I have to recover will help. I can't imagine having the baby 2 days before I leave. That'll be hard. Insha'Allah it'll all work out. And thank you for the duas.

Anonymous said...

ASA I am so glad to hear that despite being uncomfortable all is well with the baby. I like October 5 as a due date but then again I'm biased as that is MY birthday. Anyway good luck with delivery and keep moving it will help you move along and help with labor....I have been away from we know the sex of the baby? looking forward to the great news!!!!

Life's Balance Beam said...


im sorry to hear about ur discomfort but inshaallah it will all run smoothly, i hear eating raw pineapple helps ur labor, my bestfriend is also 9 months, i think what ppl fail to realize is the baby is fully developed so rather it drops 2 weeks before the due date or after, the baby will still be a fully developed baby so getting induced really wont bother him or her. but if u wanna pop that baby out pineapple!! hehe plus its yummmy. take care sis. salaams