Sunday, January 16, 2011

Never Give Up on People

The past 2 years have been such a roller coaster for me. I have come a long way and learned a lot of things about myself and others. I learned who my real friends are, who to trust, who to let go, how not to be to hard on myself, to give things time and most importantly how to forgive.
Sometimes forgiveness is the hardest things to do, especially when someone has done something so wrong to you and hurt you down to your core. Most of us hold onto the things that happen and it starts to consume us and it becomes you. Forgiveness isn't easy but it is important in order to live a normal and sane life.
I know I have a habit of forgiving someone and just removing them from my life forever without any explanation and calling it a day and not giving them a chance. This time around in my life I took the other way. I forgave a long time ago and just see what time will tell and alhamdulillah everything and everyone is coming around. Sometimes we go through hard times in our life and can't see things clearly, we act in certain ways that is out of character and it takes a while before we realized what we done. To be more specific without going into too much detail is the situation with me and my son's father. We have been to hell and back but now we are starting to see things in a different light and starting to understand each other and things are so much better. I guess what we had to do was to really forgive each other and forget about the past (that's the key, not holding on to the past) and try to move forward. I never really gave up on us even after all the things we have gone through. You give them time and see if they will change for the better. And we both changed for the better. InshaAllah the second time around might work.
So the lesson for today is: Allah SWT is forgiving, so we should be forgiving to others as well no matter what it is.


♥ααℓiα♥ said...

Asalaamu 3alaikum Sister,

MashaaAllah -- your Post was EXACTLY what I have been feeling the past 2 years and I have to say, it's made me a stronger person.

Do u mind if I use your Post in my next Blog Post about forgivness? I will link back to you :-)

Nisa said...

Assalaamu 'alaikum

Alhamdulillah I am so glad to hear that you are seeing brighter days...truly with hardship there is were patient and inshaAllah now will see the fruits of that.

My son's a toddler now too...and into everything aswell lol Alhamdulillah...many duas from me x

Wan Sharif said...

Salaam Yasmin..
Thank you for this beautiful entry..

Yasmin said...

Wa alaikum salaam everyone,

We are in the same place. Things like this definitely makes you a much stronger person.
It is not a problem at all.

Thank you for your dua. You will be in mine as well

Wan Sharif,
You are very welcome

albanian dawah muslimah said...

been going through the same thing
wonder if you still use this blog :)