Friday, January 7, 2011

A New Me

AsSalaamu Alaikum fellow bloggers, I am still around and I haven't forgotten about you. Life can take a hold of you to the point where you can't find the time to do anything. Alhamdulillah I have the time now so I decided why not blog.
My son and I have been doing well. He is a normal toddler running around, getting into anything possible, and Im enjoying every minute for it. Life is still the same. Still trying to find the right direction to take with Allah's guidance. InshaAllah I'll get there. I trying to take a fresh and clear approach to things. Im taking the time to take more me time whenever I can. I know many moms feel guilty when they aren't always there with their children but in order to the best for them you have to take care of yourself. So Ive been trying to get healthier, eating a little better than I have been, taking longer walks, things like that and alhamdulillah Im starting to see the difference. I'm less moody and anxious, I have more energy and don't feel too lazy throughout the day. I have also
taken the time to work on my ibaada, to make more du'a, read more Qur'an in such, basically working on my relationship with Allah SWT because without that we are all lost. Im also making it a goal to memorize Juz Amma (Part 30 od the Qur'an). Im ten surahs short. Ive just fully memorized Surah Buruj and I feel pretty proud. One thing I also learned is to read Qur'an to your children. The other day I was reading to my son and then later in the day he was sitting in the floor and he was like mumbling to himself and it was like he was trying to recite. Then the next day he was holding my Qur'an and doing the same mumbling voice. Mash'Allah how kids learn. They mimic what we see, so we have to be good examples for them. That's how I learned many surahs from my father reciting. Insha'Allah my son will follow in my footsteps.

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*Muslim mama* said...

salam aleikum! masha allah how wonderful that your son did that. Insha allah my son will to when gets a little older (he is only 3 months) You really inspired me to wanna be a little healthier too. =D