Monday, December 15, 2008

Islamic Survey

Name: Yasmin

Age: 21, bout to be 22 in a couple of days

Location: Some state between NY and VA, USA

Background: African American, Native American, and European

Spouse (if so, name and background): My teddy bear, African American

How long have you been married? Not very long say 72 hours

Kids? None right now, but I have a stepdaughter

Are you a revert? No, but somedays I feel like one.

Have you been to Hajj or Umrah? No, but one day Insha'Allah

How many masaajid have you been to? Way too many to count.

Have you ever been involved with a masjid? Not recently because I keep bouncing around too much.

Who are some of your favorite lectures by? Khalid Yasin, Yasir Birjas, Siraj Wahhaj, Yasir Qadhi

Who are some of your favorite recitors? Mishary Al-`Afasy

Some of your favorite Islamic books? The Wives of the Prophet (SAW), The Sealed Nectar, Stories of the Prophets, and of course The Qur'an.

Describe your most memorable Eid: My most memorable Eids were when I was a child. My parents would by us new clothes and we'd go to the masjid for the Eid prayer and then go out somewhere afterwards. But my favorite Eid was when they had Eid prayer in Prospect Park. To see all those Muslims praying out in the open was a sight to see. SubhanAllah. And then afterwards everyone had a picnic in the park and we got to run around and have a great time with good food and good people.

When did you first start fasting? I think when I was 11, thats when it became wajib on me

When did you start hijab? Since I was 3 years old. I would always wear a hat outisde and in the house, so my mom thought why not put a hijab on her. And Ive been wearing it ever since.

What's your usual outift like when you go out? Abaya, shayla and niqab, the basics.

What do you like about blogging? I love having a place where I can express my thoughts and feelings and reading about other people's lives and experiences. Its crazy how we all can relate to each other one way or another. I also love connecting with sisters all around the world and celebrating in that diversity.

Describe your first feelings wearing hijab
Hijab: Umm...Ive been wearing it since 3 so its become apart of me. I'd feel naked without it. I een sometimes to take it off in the house. Its stuck to me like glue.
Abayah: So this is what Ive been missing?lol. It was so comfortable and chic. Before I started wearing it, I thought you should only wear an abaya to Jumuah. But then it started to become hard to find modest clothes that would cover up certain parts. It made life so much easier. An instant outfit, throw on a matching shayla and shoes, and you're ready to go. I'll never leave home without it
Niqaab: Alhamdulillah, Ive made the decision to wear it again (well I havent really been out the house, so next time I definitely will). I had started wearing it during my first marriage because I got sick and tired of all the little comments like..hey sexy and people staring into my face. I always found niqab to be beautiful, so when I put it on I felt so good. I was in my own little world and I never felt out of place. I thought everyone else around me were the weird ones.

How do you pin your hijab? Basic shayla style. I really hate to pin my hijab under my chin because I feel like its going to choke me. The only time I pin it is if my hijab keeps coming loose or Im wearing a square style hijab, but even then I pin that on the top of my head to because my head looks funny if I leave it down.

What was on the last prayer mat you made salah on? was brown and I cant remember the design. I think it had two columns on it.

What's your ideal iftar? A cold glass of water and dates.

What type of adhaan really gets to you? I can still hear my dad calling the adhaan in my head, even though its been years. It use to give me the shivers. I miss it sooo much.

What's something that annoys you at Jummah: When people start talking during the khutbah or yelling at their kids. Don't you know your not suppose to talk while the khatib is speaking??

What was the last surah you read? (not recited in salah) Surah Yusuf

Do you dry yourself after wudu? Yea I always due, but then I need lotion because my face feels dry afterwards.

Do you brush your teeth for fajr salah? Sometimes.

Whats the last Islamic thing you've been involved with? I cant think of anything right now.

What was the last convention you went to? YEARS ago and I dont even remember what it was about. Thats how long its been.

Have you ever been part of an Islamic matrimonial site? Actually yes. Thats how I met my last husband. Maybe I should have stayed away. But everything happens for a reason.

What color is the rug in the masjid you usually attend? I believe it to be green or was it red. I've only been to the masjid here once.

Is the masjid you usually attend separated? It's one building where the men pray in one room and the women pray in another. And they have separate entrances which I like a lot.

Have you ever stood in a minbar? Yea when I was younger in Islamic school. They had the masjid downstairs and my friends and I were playing around and acting like we were the shaykh giving the khutbah. SubhanAllah I know we were making fun of him. May Allah forgive us.

Have you ever washed a dead body before? No, I dont plan on it. I know I'd be too scared.

What's the last thing you ate in the masjid? Candy lol.

Where's the strangest place you've seen a Muslim working? At a restaurant behind the bar. A Muslim serving alcohol, lovely.

Have you ever posted a flier in the masjid? Never did.

Rate your masjid's bathroom: Haven't seen it yet.

Have you ever used a bidet for istinja?: IS a bidet one of those spray hose things? If so yeah. In school we used them as water guns and sprayed each other with them.

What's the weirdest thing that happened to you in salah? When I was coming up from sujood, my abaya got caught under my feet and ended up ripping my abaya. Luckily it wasn't a big rip, but it sure sounded like one.

Isn't it annoying when the imam tells everyone to shut off their cell phones and someone's phone rings in the middle of salah? Yea. I actually forgot to turn my phone off last jumuah, since I came late and luckily it didnt ring until after prayer was over. Whew!!

What's some of the best halal food you've had (from a non Muslim country)? Oh God, could I name just one. There are so many in NY. Where Im at now, I havent had any yet.

What was it like when you found out skittles were haram? I couldnt let go of the bag because skittles were my favorite candy. I just ended up giving it away to someone.

What's something haram that you think most people don't know? Hmm good question. When I think of one, I'll get back on it.

What's the craziest hijabi fashion you've seen? Oh I just love the super skinny jeans with the tank top and a headscarf. So chic lol (im being sarcastic just in case it didn't come across)
What did you like about this survey?? I really liked it. Good, straight forward questions and no retarted questions like who was your last boyfriend.


Inspired Muslimah said...

I love reading these to find out about people. I had fun doing mine and yes the questions are a lot more relevant to us muslimahs! Congrats sis!

Megan said...

I'm so glad they asked that question, I had no idea skittles aren't halal!

Amenah said...

You got married again? Congrats

o0UmmHasan0o said...

Salam Yasmin, Its a lovely way to get to know you, i agree with inspired muslimah it is great the questions are relevant to muslimah..

So can i copy this questionnaire to my blog...

congrats on the marriage..

my hotmail address in the post about your marriage... if i could be invited to your other blog i would be very happy.


Yasmin said...

Wa Salaam ya ukhti, sure you can copy it to your blog. I actually got it from another sister's blog. So feel free. And you are surely welcome to read my other blog. Ive already added you. And to answer your question about the cats, I absolutely love cats. My husband and I thinking of getting one, but its a bit of a hassle because the place we live at you need to pay more in order to have a cat or dog. Pretty silly, but hey rules are rules. I had a cat when I was with my ex-husband, but I left her with him. I should of taken her.

Lazeena Umm Yusuf said...

hey as salaamu alaikum sis, i see you filled out the survey my friend sent around! i enjoyed reading the answers, it was funny cuz a lot of our answers were similar!

iMuslimah said...

Assalalmu alaykum.

Skittles!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!? Say it isnt so. I love the fruity tartness, but ala I must refrain.

You know what I did not know had gelatin in them? PRE-NATAL vitamins. Yep, you betcha. I found out after my son turned 7 months old. I never thought to look.

Congrats on the marriage!