Thursday, August 13, 2009

All is Well For Now

I had my glucose screening test today. Wasn't too bad I suppose. Well having to drink that nasty stuff was the worse part for me. And to my surprise the nurse asked me which flavor I wanted, fruit punch or orange? Im like wow I get to pick my poison, fun. Like one was suppose to taste better than the other?! I stuck with orange which tasted like flat orange soda mixed with something that I can't even describe. All I know is that my baby got a good sugar rush from it. He was kicking and squirming the entire 3 hours I was there at the office. He is usually quiet that time of morning but I guess you give a high dosage of sugar to anyone and they'll be up and moving too.

Anyway I'll find out Monday if I have GD or not. If I do I'll get a call around 12 noon, if I don't no call. Kinda weird isn't it but oh well. Insha'Allah I won't receive a phone call, but if I do I'll be prepared for it.

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