Thursday, August 20, 2009

Baby Update

I had my 34 week check-up today and alhamdulillah my little munchkin and I are doing well. I also passed my glucose test YAY!! That was good news to hear. Baby's heartbeat is nice and strong, it should be with all the moving he does. He is already head down just waiting til the big day and breaking my pelvis in two at the same time. One funny thing is that I lost one pound. The doctor said its completely normal to lose a few pounds at this stage. So that's one less pound to carry around, not like it makes a big difference just one down 25 more to go.
I keep having this weird dream where my water breaks while at Eid prayer. Maybe Im just being paranoid but that would be a great story to tell if it did. Allahu alim.


M.J. said...

Awww, inshAllah you'll have an easy birth. I'm soo happy your test turned out well, and congrats on loosing a lb! You'll probably loose a bunch too your first month after, since you didn't gain a bunch.

Yasmin said...

Insha'Allah I will. Giving birth is the one thing that makes me nervous. At least going on the tour of the maternity ward helped eased my nerves a bit.
I can't wait to get my body back, even though I didnt gain much I still feel so heavy, like my back and pelvis are about to break in half lol.

Hijabee said...

Congrats on the glucose test. Same thing happened to me, I had to take the 3 hours test but all was fine in the end. And I totally understand you about"getting your body back" lol.