Wednesday, August 5, 2009

I Was Right All Along

I had went to my doctor's appointment today and finally found out the sex of my little one. Alhamdulillah its a BOY. I wasn't overly thrilled because I had a feeling that it was a boy all along. They say boys tend to move and kick a lot more than girls. All I can say is that Im carrying a little kick boxer.
As for everything else, the doctor says Im perfectly healthy, everything is normal. Basically a textbook pregnancy. No complications whatsoever. Lucky to say that Ive only gained 22 pounds since before I was pregnant which is a good thing since Im suppose to stay within 25-35 lbs. So Im on track. Now I have to my doctor every 2 weeks from this point on and once I hit 36 weeks, every single week until I pop. Boy how time seriously flies. It seems like a moment ago I just found out I was pregnant and now Im gonna be giving birth, insha'Allah in 8 weeks. I feel so blessed.


Jaz said...

Wow it must be such an amazing feeling :)

M.J. said...

hehehe masAllah!! i'm soooo happy you're back and doing great, alhamdulilah. I can't believe how close together our pregnancies are and that we're both having boys! So cool!!! Update again soon please! I can't wait to inshAllah hear more about how you're doing

nor said...

masya allah, it a boy!

i recalled conceiving my son, my tummy was sooo huge, that it made me looked like a clumsy penguin...hahaha

Umm Ismail said...

Dang i was Wrong lol Well alhamdoulilah insha allah we adding to the Population of brothers Oooooooooweeeeeeeeee Look out lil muslimahs.

Hijabee said...

MashAllah, congrats, Im so happy for you. Seems like yesterday when we were discussing morning sickness during the first trimester lol and now we're on the last trimester.

Lazeena Umm Yusuf said...

heyy, I had my son when I was 32 weeks, despite my 'textbook pregnancy' so just be mentally prepared for anything at this point. i sure as heck wasnt! LOL

Anonymous said...

Assalamu alaikom, mabrook! :) Insha'Allah, everything goes well and he doesn't kick you *too much*!

Nisa said...

Salaam sis!!

So glad to see you're back alhamdulillah...may Allah swt make the rest of your pregnancy one of ease and may your labour be a blessed one, Ameen.

I'm 25 weeks at the moment alhamdulillah so the watermelon stage is starting to kick in lol inshaAllah our babies are healthy and pious.

How come you had an ultrasound at 30+ weeks? is that routine over there?

We only have 2, the 2nd and final one being at 20 weeks and thats it..

Duas x

Yasmin said...

Salaam Alaikum to all. Sorry it took me so long to reply. I guess my mind is starting go as well as my energy. Jazak Allah khair for all the love. I am so excited and happy.
Jaz, yes being pregnant is such an amzaing feeling. Annoying at times but still wonderful.

MJ, I'm happy to be back as well. I remember it was just the beginning of our pregnancies and now we're in our 3rd trimester. It seems like everyone is having boys nowadays. We need more good Muslim men in the world.

Nor, I know what you mean. Im definitely starting to look and feel like a penguin lol.

Umm Ismail, yep you were wrong haha, jk. Insha'Allah I hope he'll be a good little boy.

Hijabee, thanks. I know time seems to be flying so fast.

Lazeena, Im trying to prepare as much as I can. I still keep wondering what happens if he comes early and what happens if Im in labor and not even know it lol. My mind is running wild nowadays.

Eyes Serene, well he sure loves to kick a lot especially my poor ribs.

Nisa, alhamdulillah its good to be back. Ameen to your dua. Insha'Allah we'll both have healthy babies.
I had an ultrasound so late because I was away for a while and was suppose to have one at 22 weeks but missed that appointment and my insurance didn't cover it while I was in NY so I had to wait til I came back to do it. I had one way earlier in my pregnancy. Yeah its uncommon and they only usually do it when the suspect a problem, but alhamdulillah all is well. Shukran for your concern.