Friday, November 21, 2008

Where Im at Now

I know its been a couple of days since I posted. Im still just trying to sort things out. Everything is still a but hard and emotional for me. Im just taking everything day by day with the help of Allah SWT to guide me. Nothing has really changed, everything is still the same. The pain is still there, but its a bit subsided. I feel it a little less. Im still a bit angry but Im starting to accept everything and just trying to put things into perspective. Im looking forward to the next month. Insha'Allah I'll have a lot of time to myself to think about things and see where life takes me. I still hope for my husband and I to work things out, Im still holding on to that little hope because you never what could happen but Im not holding too tight. May Allah guide us both to what is best.


H.M. said...

I hope Allah eases your worries Yasmin...dont stress yourself only what Allah has written shall be:)

Only he knows what is best for us

Umm Travis said...

oh sis, this situation makes me very angry, I am so sorry for whats happening to you. Inshaa Allah I will makes duaa for you, and just remember that this is a test, and the outcome in this life is not what matters, but how you cope and manage, and how often you seek and cry to Allah. In shaa Allah He will guide you to whats best... have patience my dear sister, and I am here for you always, for anything