Sunday, November 2, 2008

It'll all come back to you

I went to jumu'ah last friday, and the imam gave a khutbah about sincerity in your deen. He went to say how to achieve that is by giving sadaqah. I can't find the exact hadith he used, but when I find I'll put it here. So after jumuah, my husband and I ran some errands, I had to go to the eye doctor to get anew prescription for glasses, and so on.
So we had went to the mall to kinda comparison shop for frames that I'd liked. I found one but didnt get them because I wanted to look at another store, but they were closed. As we were walking in the car, my husband wanted to see something in J.C. Penney. So while we there, he was looking at some shirts, I wondered in to the handbag section which was very near. Handbags are a girls thirdbest friend, right after diamonds and shoes.
While I was looking around, my husband comes up to me, showed me a card and asked if it was a real J.C. Penney gift card (I used to work at JC Penney), I said yeah why? Some guy was talking to my husband saying that he'd sell him the gift card and other things I couldn't really hear. Automatically I thought it was a scam, but they kept talking. My husband isn't naive about things, he has that businessman mentality. Afterwards, my husband tells me to get whatever bad I wanted and he'd be right back. Now Im wondering what in the world is going on? Who is this guy and what does he want? I didn't like the guy because he asked my husband if I was his mother!!! Can you believe that?! Maybe because my husband just looked young that day.
Anyways, Im sitting here thing in my mind trying to figure out was going on. I finally picked out a bag and my husband took everything to the checkout and paid for everything. I asked my husband what just happened not like I really wanted to know. But he told me that the guy was stranded and didn't have any money to get home. So he had a $200 gift card that he wanted to sell for $140. My husband talked him down to $85 and the guy accepted. So thats why they were talking for a long time. Luckily it wasn't a scam. I know my husband is smarter than that. But alhamdulillah everything worked out for us. The bill came out to a little over $200, and with the gift card, brought it down to almost nothing. So we basically got $200 worth of stuff for $100, thats half off. Im not complaining because I got the bag I really wanted.
So you're wondering how does this all relate? I kinda gave you the long version of the story but as we were walking to the car my husband had told me that he had given sadaqah at the masjid.

Allah says:“The likeness of those who spend for Allah’s sake is as the likeness of a grain of corn, it grows seven ears every single ear has a hundred grains, and Allah multiplies (increases the reward of) for whom He wills, and Allah is sufficient for His creatures’ needs, All-Knower).” (Surat Al-Baqarah.v:261)

So whatever you give in sadaqah, it'll will come back to you multiplied. I had said to myself, boy was that fast. That is the mercy of Allah. He gives to whom He wills and takes from who He wills. So why do we hold back from giving sadaqah when we know it'll be returned to as more than what we put out. We don't even have to spend a dime in order for it to be considered as charity. Your time, performing good deeds, even something as simple as a smile is sadaqah. Here are a few Ahadith about sadaqah:

The Messenger of Allah (SAW) said: “To smile in the company of your brother is charity. To command to do good deeds and to prevent others from doing evil is charity. To guide a person in a place where he can not get astray is charity. To remove troublesome things like thorns and bones from the road is charity. To pour water from your jug into the jug of your brother is charity. To guide a person with defective vision is charity for you.” (Bukhari)

Hudhaifah (ra) narrated that the Prophet (saw) said, "Every favor done is a Sadaqah (charity)."

Abu Hurairah narrated that “Abu Dharr said to the Messenger of Allah, ‘The wealthy people have all the rewards; they pray as we pray; they fast as we fast; and they have surplus wealth which they give in charity; but we have no wealth which we may give in charity.’ Allah’s Messenger (SAW) said: ‘Abu Dharr, should I not teach you phrases by which you acquire the rank of those who excel you? No one can acquire your rank except one who acts like you.’ He said, Why not, Allah’s Messenger (SAW)? He said: ‘Exalt Allah say: "Allahu Akbar" (Allah is Most Great) after each prayer thirty-three times; and praise Him say: "Alhamdulillah" (Praise be to Allah) thirty-three times; and glorify Him say: "Subhan Allah" (Glory be to Allah) thirty-three times; and end it by saying, "La ilâha illallâhu wahdahu la shareeka lahu, lahul mulku wa lahul hamdu yuhyi wa yomeetu wa Huwa ‘ala kulli shai’in Qadeer." ( There is no god but Allah alone, He has no partner, to Him belongs the Kingdom, to Him praise is due and He has power over everything.) Your sins will be forgiven, even if they are like the foam of the sea.’” (Abu Dawud)

Abu Hurairah (RA) narrated that the Prophet (SAW) said, “Every day two angels come down from Heaven and one of them says, 'O Allah! Compensate every person who spends in Your cause’, and the other (angel) says, 'O Allah! Destroy every miser.’” (Bukhari)

May Allah the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful give us opportunities to do many ways of giving sadaqah for His pleasure and reward us best life, especially in the Hereafter. May we spend our lives, time, money and efforts or everything in us to do deeds that Allah accepts as forms of sadaqah solely for His Sake. May our Rabb save us from the Hell-Fire by protecting us from being miser. Ameen.


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MashAllah, that's really amazing!:)

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Thanks for the reminder sister! And great that you got half off on your shopping!That doesn't happen every day :)

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wow subhan'Allah, a great story!

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